Loving All of Yourself

Loving All of Yourself

It took a very long time for me to get to a space where I realized that I need to love myself before I can truly love all those around me. 

Written by ALL IN Co-Founder, Angela Teeple

It took a very long time for me to get to a space where I realized that I need to love myself before I can truly love all those around me. Through journaling and digging deep I realized I let people's opinions of me, and preconceptions of me, rule my life and break me down.  

I know that this can resonate with a lot of people and I am sharing a raw version of my life so that the members of this ALL IN community know me at my core. I want everyone to know I see you, hear you, and want to empower you to rewrite your story.

The day I fell in love with the true version of Ang was the day I was set free. All that matters in life is how you see yourself and the ones who love you see you!  

Here is my story and a letter I wrote to THEY- the ones I will never silence, but the ones I will never listen to again.  However I say thank you to THEM for giving me this burning desire to help anyone that ever listened to their own version of THEY.

They said I was a mistake. 

They said I was fat.

They said I was short.

They said I didn't dress like a girl.

They said I came from dysfunction.

They said I would never overcome childhood trauma.

They said I couldn't focus.

They said I had mental health problems.

They said I wouldn't play Division 1 field hockey with no ACLs.

They said I wouldn't graduate college.

They said I had to be a teacher.

They said I was only the superintendent's wife.

They said I had to follow rules.

They said I had to love like them.

They said I couldn't love Jesus and curse.

They said I had to be someone different than who I am.

But what They didn't know was

They lit a fire in me that will never go out.

Now They’ll know…

I am a child of god fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am built different and will never give up.

I am supported by a husband who loves all my broken pieces.

I am loved by a tribe of people who helped raise me.

I am a kind, empathetic soul who is loyal and passionate.

I am grateful for my past and everything it has taught me.

I am living my grandparents legacy everyday.

I have a nephew who will be loved for exactly who he is. 

I have a family I will always carry on my back.

I have turned my tragedies into triumphs.

I have rewritten my own story to reflect who I truly am.

I have proved Them wrong.

I am here to inspire anyone who ever felt labeled, not enough, insecure, unconfident, or stuck in their story.

I am submitted, sold out, and ALL IN to be committed to achieving the fulfillment of my god given assignment to be a light in the darkness for anyone who needs it.

Thank you,

Love ANG

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