Double Vision

Double Vision

Mickey and his twin brother Jair have a philosophy called DOUBLE VISION. It encourages you to see things through a lens that empowers you to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally.

Written by ALL IN Co-Founder, Big Ang

I’m just going to say it…Look up, listen, and be nice to everyone you meet because you never know someone's story and how they will inspire you. On your journey through life, every experience and every interaction will have an impact on you if you let it.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is fighting a battle we don't know about, or they have fought a battle and their experience might help you fight yours. We like to use the excuse that people are mean but really if we took the lead, looked up, smiled, and wanted to listen, we could be the light in someone's day and in turn, they could change the course of ours.

After I left teaching I got a part-time job at The Fort Athletic Club in Oceanport. What I thought was just a chance to play pickleball for free turned out to be an amazing opportunity to meet people that inspired me, cared for me, and valued me for exactly who I am.

For 24 years I was a teacher and a coach and everyone knew who I was. I wanted to step into the fort as a woman who worked at the front desk and made smoothies on Thursday nights. I knew a lot of the members and it was wonderful to reconnect with them and be humble enough to just be ANG….

I started to get to know my co-workers and some of them instantly became like family. I spent time with some old athletes who are doing amazing things, I met professionals that worked hard and truly put their heart and soul into their jobs. I was part of a staff of highly respected members of the military, business leaders, amazing moms juggling their families and work, and young professionals who worked hard at all costs and who cared for everyone around them. To my Fort family – thank you for being part of my journey!

This leads me to tell you a story about one particular coworker who made a huge impact on me. His name is Miquel Bernier, aka Slick Mick, Mickey…. At first, I viewed his energy from a distance and was so impressed by the way he lit up every environment he was in. It wasn't all about him, he looked up and always smiled, he didn’t care who you were or your status. Mickey was Mickey no matter what. His actions coincided with his words. He was consistent, he was the same way every time you talked to him.

Mickey gave me the name BIG ANG; I had a name tag I wore and I made ANG really big because I loved being ANG. One day he walked past and said hey Big Ang – I laughed and secretly loved it. He would come and talk to me and would ask questions about ALL IN and we shared our stories; he showed genuine excitement for what we were doing and our mission. 

One particular day I listened to his goals and dreams and thought to myself this trainer, athlete, friend, and supporter really goes ALL IN, I want to support him and want his movement to be on our apparel.

Mickey and his twin brother Jair have a philosophy called DOUBLE VISION. It encourages you to see things through a lens that empowers you to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally. When you see them, you see double. What they believe in is bringing the best parts of themselves to help value and foster a mentality of strength physically and mentally.

Mickey and Jair believe that they can help you become the best version of yourself no matter the obstacle in front of you and no matter the stress you are under. They are All In committed to bringing out the best in you and changing your mentality. Through their boxing workouts, infectious smile, and energy, they believe that you can achieve greatness through a lens of Double Vision.

He explained the logo to me: the D and V are split up by the Pisces zodiac sign. I thought how fitting is this…The sign for Pisces symbolizes a compassionate, empathetic, caring individual who throws themselves into people at all costs. 

That is Mickey and Jair and I am so grateful our paths crossed. All In believes in everything that these two men represent so we wanted one of our first collections to be the Double Vision line of apparel. We want to spread their message as it aligns with everything we are about. 

Together we are ALL IN to inspire you to see life through a DOUBLE VISION lens so you can achieve greatness in whatever capacity that is.

Look up, listen, and open your hearts-




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